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The Swing of the Pendulum


The pattern which connects.

"Break the pattern which connects the items of learning and you necessarily destroy all quality."

Gregory Bateson , Mind and Nature

Welcome to "The Swing of the Pendulum" - an artistic exploration of the motion and beauty of Foucault's pendulum through the lens of long-exposure photography. Epigenesis is a series of photographs that seeks to capture the essence of the pendulum's predictable repetition, while also highlighting the exploration and change that underpins evolution and learning.

Each photograph in the series features a small light attached to the bottom of a large pendulum as it swings and sways across a designated 30 square meter space. What appears to be random and chaotic motion at first slowly reveals itself as a beautiful dance of shifting patterns as the pendulum swings to its own unique vibrations.

With Epigenesis, we aim to capture the fluid movements of the pendulum and showcase the beauty of its patterns. The pendulum represents nature's pencil, and through this series of long-exposure photographs, we seek to capture the stunning and intricate patterns created by its swings.

As the pendulum swings, it possesses potential energy that is gradually converted into kinetic energy until it reaches its equilibrium state. Epigenesis invites viewers to contemplate the balance between predictability and change, and to appreciate the wonder and beauty of the pendulum's motion. Join us on this journey of discovery and exploration, as we capture the magic of the pendulum's swing.