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The Swing of the Pendulum


The pattern which connects.

"Break the pattern which connects the items of learning and you necessarily destroy all quality."

Gregory Bateson , Mind and Nature

Epigenesis is a series of photographs that are trying to capture the motion of the pendulum,  The essence of epigenesis is predictable repetition; the essence of learning and evolution is exploration and change.

Each long exposure photograph is produced with a small light attached to the bottom of a largeFoucault's pendulum that swings and sways moving across a 30 square meters designated space, a pendulum literally is in photographic terms, a pencil of nature. Pendulum’s swings appear random and chaotic at the beginning but when observed for a long time through an open shutter a dance of shifting series of patterns appears as they swing to their own vibrations, the pattern shifts over time, as is held at a height, it possesses potential energy, and as it falls, its potential energy is converted to kinetic energy until finally the pendulums reach his equilibrium state.