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a project inspired by the Greek words σχίσμα skhisma "cleft", and γένεσις genesis "generation, creation", explores the division and creation of the universe. Drawing on cybernetic systems theory, our project delves into the idea of a positive feedback loop - where each loop amplifies the action on the other, resulting in disorder and increasing entropy. Unless the loops are broken, the entire system will inevitably collapse.
Our project focuses on the beauty and complexity of the union of opposites, where form is born from the joining of conflicting forces. Through our photographs, we aim to capture the intricate balance between opposing factions, and the emergence of new life and creation from these forces.
In the world of quantum mechanics, all possible realities exist, but humans perceive just one. Schismogenesis explores the duality, polarity, and antithesis that are the unchanging laws of evolution.
We believe that life and consciousness are not produced by matter but are the original attributes and active principles of the universe. Consciousness increases with complexity and union.

Experience the captivating and thought-provoking world of Schismogenesis and discover the intricate beauty of the universe's balance. Our photography project seeks to inspire and deepen your understanding of the union of opposites, and invite you to reflect on the paradoxical nature of the world we inhabit. We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery, where we celebrate the emergence of new life and creation from opposing forces, and challenge the limits of our perception