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About the gallery

Galanopoulos Art Gallery located on the idyllic pedestrian street at the village of Oia in Santorini island first opened in 1986 by the Greek artists Stavros Galanopoulos and his wife Bella, the couple leave most of their life at Oia village where Stavros became famous for his 3dimensial sculptures, today over 250 original artworks are exhibited around the word in museums, foundations,  banks and private collections, Stavros pass away unexpectedly at 2015 before finish his circle but the rest of the family Giorgos the photographer with his wife form Taiwan also a photographer Toto , Atzi on sales and Bella they are all remain at OIa keeping up the art spirit and after a 2 year shut down for reconstruction the art Gallery opened the doors again at 2017.

Some of the older work of Stavros is still available exhibited together with the photographic work of George’s Galanopoulos and if you are lucky Bella still producing some of the unique miniature paintings.

We strongly believe that to understand these bizarre world first needs to get in touch with your inner self and for us the way to accomplish that is with love and art.